Church Family and Friends, 

Thank you for you patience and prayers as we navigate these unusual times. As you are probably aware, Governor Tony Evers has instituted a ban on all gatherings of 10 or more people. Obviously, this now impacts our church and how it can gather and execute its ministries. But before we mention changes in our ministry approach, it is important to say a word about the state ban on assembling and how we as Christians should think about it. Some might argue that we must obey God’s command to assemble (Hebrews 10:25) and disregard the ban. We would agree with that argument if the state instituted the ban with the purpose to discriminate against religious organizations or if the ban was permanent. However, neither of these situations are the case. All public gatherings have been banned and the ban will be lifted as soon as the virus concerns subside. We understand this to be a situation where we are obligated to follow God’s commands in Romans 13 to be in submission to the governing authorities. We believe they are acting in good faith to preserve life and health as God has ordained them to do. Therefore, we will make every attempt to follow the mandates that are handed down and consider the recommendations issued by our state and federal governments. Further, we are not disbanding completely. We will still attempt to gather the body online. There may be times when we must cancel services and ministries, but we do not understand ourselves to be forsaking the assembling of ourselves together.

With these things in mind, here is how we propose to proceed with our ministries: 

  • Sunday Morning Worship: We are working to improve our capability to live stream the services. Folks will be welcome to tune in to the services via Facebook Live by visiting NTBC’s Facebook page. Only those with a part in the broadcast will be at the church. 
  • Sunday school will be suspended until the ban is lifted.
  • Life groups will be suspended until the ban is lifted.
  • Wednesday night ministries will be suspended until the ban is lifted. 
  • Giving: Even though we cannot gather as we normally would, the church’s financial obligations will continue. Therefore, as the Lord leads you to give, you can still do so by dropping your offering off in the box by the nursery door when you come for a service or anytime during the week (Pastor Chris is usually at church from 7-7:30am - 4-4:30pm). Offerings can also be mailed to the church. We will look into online giving as an option and consider the added costs of the service and the temporary nature of this situation.

These are our plans for now. Of course, things seem to change quickly and we will adapt as they do (things have changed before we could finish writing this communication!).

“And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to His purpose.” Romans 8:28

We are thankful that God is sovereign over world events and the life of our church. We rejoice in all the good He will bring from this. May the Lord provide us with opportunities to shine the light in the darkness. May He be glorified in all we do. 

For the glory of Jesus Christ, 

Your Pastors